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– Magic The Gathering
– Pandemic

Whilst I appreciate that you have included a page dedicated to games that I can bring to the table, other than pandemic and magic, the games that I own usually take many hours, maybe days to play and would not be suitable for games night, I fear. I am more than happy to give you a list of games that I own, and possibly a run down of the basic outlines of each. I think was it Paul, or David that owned a copy of pandemic, and the much revered expansion that I covet with hideous green eyes!!! I used to run long games, but life got in the way of most players, and they have since moved on. I am always willing to host long games at mine if people were interested, but I doubt this is the forum for such. If you’d like a brief summary of some of the games I own, I’ll include what I can here. Take from it what you will 🙂

Whilst two player is preferable for fast and exciting game play, there is also a multi-player version which we have played that requires tactics and long term thinking. A third version is command, which operates like MTG, using the same set rules, but with a few variations. A normal deck would require a minimum of 60 cards, including land which there can be any number of basic type, the rest being sorcery, instant, artifact, creatures enchantments, and such. Other than basic land, a player may have up to 4 of the same type of card. With the ‘Command’ Deck, the restrictions are the deck has to be Exactly 100 cards, including any number of basic land, and no more than 1 of any other type of card. This makes command much harder to create. While life points is 20 for normal and multi-player games, in 2v2 (double headed giant), the combined hp is set to 30, and command the hp is 40. Reducing the hp to zero, losing all the cards in the library*, or announcing a loss by strategic asset removes the player from the game. There are many ways to win or lose the game, the fun is in the theatrics, tactics, and surprise. There are rules to each players turn (Untap-Upkeep-draw card / Main phase / combat phase / main phase/ end step.) and how these phases work. The third set of rules are how each rule on the cards work, such as flying, life-link, death touch. There is a magnificent rules guide here, and there are millions of players that have worked on how some rules might work differently under certain situations, in which typing MTG and the rule you are unsure of in to google will help with. Usually after one or two games, players will understand the basic rules of the game.

Warhammer 40,000
I literally have no idea where to start. I was asked a question by a 12 year old kid on the train to Brighton, and it took me 3 hours to answer. Books and models now cost an astronomical amount of money, and there is a joke that a burglar knocked over a games workshop store for over £8,000. He stole 2 pots of paint, some brushes, and a box of models. I would certainly never suggest buying your own army unless you’re an unknown millionaire with nothing better to do with her money (or his). E-bay and friends are the best places to buy models from, E-bay usually sells models either new, undercoated, assembled, mostly fully painted, but I’d suggest going for assembled and undercoated, but not painted. These are usually half the price of new from the shop, and I’ve never been let down by sellers. Building an army takes time and thought, reading and understanding the rules can take a whole weekend, getting everything prepared for even a small 500 point game can take the best part of a morning. The space needed is usually 6ft x 4ft, for small skirmishes and the larger battles for say 20,000 points can take a week to prepare, and a long weekend to play out. Sleep not included. I’ve seen a 100ft square hall taken up with battles like that. 40k is not a game you’d play off the cuff, or for a light evening.

DnD 3.5 and version 5.
I own many books for 3.5, and the core books of version 5, the people I played with know me as a veteran. I’ve a lot of models, enough dice to cause even the elite to frown. Some pretty ceramic cavern structures, and a game that took me about 5 years to write. Games that take players more than three levels, or more than three months are usually known as campaigns, and whilst it might take an evening to create the characters the players wish to use, following games take an average of 3-6 hours, depending on time restrictions, GM preparation, and how much spaff (unimportant joking around at non-game content) there is. DnD is the true nerds game, played it for a couple of decades, and watched players revel in the fantasy of their own imagination. The fun part is the situations players put themselves in. A favourite of mine, was a child snatcher was hunted down by the party with the help of a local ranger. The team went in to deal with him, whilst myself and the ranger stayed outside in case he tried to make a run for it. The team dealt with the chap, and sent the little girl out ahead to tell us to come in, that everything was fine. Meanwhile, I had already told the ranger if he comes out, hit him in the back of the head with a shovel, and in his disorientation, I’d get him. So ranger, spade at the ready, hiding behind the mouth of the cave, little girl walking towards the entrance, not knowing about my previous conversation….

I hope this is ok, I’d doubt either War-Hammer 40,000 (40k for shorthand) or DnD would come up, but I’ve included them for completeness.

Here is another game I’d love, other than starcraft, it’s called Battle stations, highly addictive,l and previous games effect further games, as the ship we own gets bigger and better. Mission based, games last 2-4 hours, and we’ve had 6 players in it before. Take care that you get the first edition, not the second, and that you’re not just getting the rule book. I’d like to get it once i have funding, I think £40 is perfectly good for this game. Lasts years! Here is a link where I think is the cheapest place, not used them before, so I don’t know if theyre the best.