Games Night 30th November 2017

Four of us this week and a warm welcome back to AL.
We played

by Rio Grande Games as provided by DA.
A new one for HG and MC with AL and DA not having played it for some time.
DA appraised us of the rules and very kindly left out all the expansion extras for our first go at this.
Upon the first ship building phase we bombarded DA with “What’s this?”, “What does this one do?” and the ever popular, “What the hell is that?” as each tile was revealed. With AL, DA and HG having finished their ships to their satisfaction, they waiting for MC who, seeing it as the untimed round, revealed every tile in the quest to find what he wanted. It wasn’t there.

So we sent the ships off on their adventure. Many planets were visited, derelict space stations were ransacked and astronauts were sacrificed to the hungry ing and many spaces were travelled backwards. The end of the journey saw all ships unscathed and monies were awarded. MC had the best-looking ship with 0 exposed ports.
Round two saw the first “timed” building of the ships with DA apparently more keen to turn the timer than build his ship. Again, MC was the last to complete his to his satisfaction.
The second voyage amongst the stars was only marginally more eventful than the first with only superficial damage done to a couple of ships. MC had the fastest ship with 6 engines and again won the best-looking ship award with 0 exposed ports.
In round three, the ships were built and sent off into the great unknown, known, and kinda heard of. DA’s ship immediately lost its entire crew and drifted aimlessly in space. With MC’s ship in the front, it was down to him to repel a series of pirate attacks. Which he did. And got paid very handsomely too for it, thank you very much. HG’s ship then fell foul to numerous asteroid strikes that disabled all of its engines. As far as we know, her crew are still out there, sitting around a spacesuit-fuelled campfire singing kumbaya and toasting whatever it is in the green cubes with marshmallow toasting forks nobody remembers packing for an interstellar journey. I suppose they would be pretty handy eye-pokers for repelling boarders, as long as they have eyes and don’t have acid for blood…

…Anyway…AL’s and MC’s ships went on to actually complete their treks and earned money type stuff. MC once again had the most gobsmackingly open-portless ship (okay, there was 1 this time but shhh!).
Final scores:
AL: 53
DA: 7
HG: 24
MC: 95
Well done MC getting more than everyone else combined.

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Games Night 23rd November 2017

Three of us again this week.
First up, we played

by Metagot. It’s only sat unplayed in my cupboard for two and a half years.
HG by random selection was the one to start.
The various tribes quickly swarmed over Africa with the MC (yellow) tribe first mastering the art of not sinking by crossing over to Asia. While the MC tribe continued on over to Australasia, the DA (green) tribe conquered the Americas and the HG (pink) tribe dominated Africa. Her tribe also muscled MC’s tribe out of many of the crossing territories. Both the HG and MC tribes amassed many innovations while the DA tribe took quite bit longer to master the art of banging two sticks together.

The end was triggered by DA taking the last orange card.
Final scores:
DA:- 47
HG:- 46
MC:- 49
That was a close game!

Next up we played 3 rounds of

by Alderac as provided by DA.
In the first round it was widely known that HG ended up holding the Lost Legacy and DA got first dibs.
Round two saw MC getting the lost legacy, misunderstanding how the game worked and ‘hid’ it in the ruins. DA instantly pounced on it.
Round three featured MCs dramatic death as the contents of HG’s hand was too much for him. DA won that round too.

To finish off the evening we had a game of

by Gamewright Games
There’s not much to be said about the gameplay of this one. It’s a fun game, but unless I specify exactly who put what down and when, there’s not much worth writing down.
So onto the final scores:

Player Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Final score
DA 11 25 4 =40 (had the least puddings)
HG 13 16 12 =41
MC 18 17 15 =50 (had the most puddings)

Another great evening of trying some new games.

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Games Night 16th November 2017

A very warm welcome to HG this week. Her addition to the group brought the grand total of players for tonight up to 3.
To start off with, we attempted to save the world from the sniffles, barnacles, crazy itches and death with:

by Zman Games.
With HG being very new to the gaming world, she opted for the easier game.
DA was the Dispatcher (can move other players on his turn)
HG was the Medic (can treat diseases more efficiently)
MC was the Scientist (can find the cure quicker)
The BREXIT HYSTERICS was the first to be cured, MC very quickly amassed the four cards he needed and hopped into the research station and did whatever one does in those places to turn cards into a cure. HC used her super powers to completely eradicate the BREXIT HYSTERICS, giving us a little breathing room when EPIDEMICS broke out. Meanwhile the horrific FLAMING TOENAIL DISEASE had grown considerably in north African and west Asia. This was the source of the first OUTBREAK.
All three intrepid germ busters flew into the middle east and managed to equip MC with enough black cards needed to cure it. In doing so the sale of replacement footwear dropped considerably.

By this time, the OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY had reached a critical point in South America with a potential massive chain reaction that would exhaust the yellow OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY cubes imminently, particularly after another EPIDEMIC card that moved the card marker to 3 with only five cards to be shuffled and placed back on the top. 3 of those cards were cities known to hold 3 disease cubes already. Fortunately, it was only Algiers in North Africa so, although there was an OUTBREAK, no chain reaction occurred and the sale of shoes briefly increased once again. It also happened to be where HG was hanging out with her super-cure all remedy handy. Some quick action by DA and HG brought us back from the brink regarding the yellow OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY cubes and DA was able to find the cure for the slow-spreading SLIGHTLY SORE BUT NOT VERY SORE FINGER CONDITION.
MC was all set to cure find the cure for the OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY when the final EPIDEMIC struck. It was a non-event, however and MC managed to develop the cure for the OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY that had South America in its thrall. We won. Woo.

Next up, we played two games of:

by Space Cowboys
We utilised MC’s automatic card shuffler, that was excellent at shuffling all the blue gem cards together.
MC went first to give, HG time to get to grips with the game-play. On numerous occasions she pointed out that her brain was on the brink of exploding.

DA managed to attain 15 points with the visitation of his second noble.
MC won the second round and didn’t own or hold a gem for the majority of the game.

Finally, we played two games newly acquired:

by Moonster Games.
Disaster struck as it transpired that these cards were a little taller than standard cards and wouldn’t fit in the automatic card shuffler. So we had to endure MC’s bloody awful “shuffling”.
HG dominated the Time Travellers in this game and DA quickly acquired the Yi’s Legacy token (dubbed the Super-Happy-Fun token by MC). MC stole it towards the end of the game.
At game’s end the scores were:
DA: 12
HG: 14 – The Winner!
MC: 10 (doubled the score of 5 thanks to the Super-Happy-Fun token)

In the second game, HG again seemed to keep getting the Time Travellers. DA once again got the Super-Happy-Fun-Token that was once again stolen, this time by HG.
At game’s end the scores were:
DA: 34 – The Winner!
HG: 14 (doubled the score of 7 thanks to the Super-Happy-Fun token)
MC: 20
All good stuff, that was a fun evening.
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Games Night 9th November

Due to the random fluctuation in the expected attendance that reached 6 at one point, we were at a loss as to what we were going to play when it eventually transpired that there was only four of us.
While we waited for KV we thought we’d kick off with

by Space Cowboys
KV proptly turned up and had the honour of the first turn and, before long, gems were being collected and cards were being acquired. DA was the first to acquire any prestige points (victory points). TS amassed a huge quantity of blue cards, which then did nothing for him at all. MC quickly amassed cards that stopped him needing any gems. KV was the first to get a visit from a noble. MC was the second, third and fourth to get a noble visit.

Final scores:
DA: 13
KV: 13
MC: 18
TS: 6

Next up we played newly acquired

by Brotherwise Games.
DA was blue
KV was green and won the roll to go first.
MC was red
TS was yellow

Dice were rolled, stones were acquired, ruins were claimed and monuments were built. KV managed a Greater Monument and DA built a Lesser Monument. KV was also able to roll a ridiculous number of 8s on his d8 and 6s on his d6. MC got 4s on his d4. The final End Of Age card was the City of Gold ruin worth 7 points and was successfully unearthed by TS.
Final scores:
DA: 13
KV: 26
MC: 18
TS: 19

To finish off we shuffled together
by White Wizard Games for an excellent 4-player space battle.
First to start and the first to fall was the DA Empire who, despite his remarkable regenerative abilities was crushed by an enourmous attack from the TS Alliance.

The MC Milieu was all set up to destroy the KV Confederacy who, through some remarkable negotiating, swayed his wrath towards the TS Alliance and destroyed his defences. With the TS Alliance unprotected the KV Confederacy struck the fatal blow. With the last of his strength the MC Milieu was able to crush the KV Confederacy who, in their death throws, revealed that they only had 5 scouts with which to retaliate had they survived.

That was a really fun evening (not just because I won two out of the three games). It was great to play three very different games with everyone equally engaged in them all. TS particularly enjoyed Splendor and Star Realms and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got hold of his own copies before too long. I was wary as to how Star Realms would work as a four-player and was very pleasantly surprised as to how well it did work. It did help that we didn’t do too much ganging up on each other.

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Until then, keep on gaming!

Games Night 2nd November 2017

With the evening full of the expectancy of four players and Firefly: The Game being the most voted for, TS turned up with two unexpected plus one’s: BS and Vis. A very warm welcome to Vis and welcome back to BS.
Eventually we settled on:
Cosmic Encounter
by Fantasy Flight Games this time with the newly added Cosmic Storm expansion which added Space Stations and even more aliens to the mix.
BS picked the Worm and chose Red
DA went for the Wormhole and chose Purple
KV became the Tide and chose Yellow
MC played the Arcade and chose Green
TS decided on the Bulwark and chose Blue
Vis was the Converter and chose Black

MC randomly chose himself to start. Very quickly the pattern emerged of everyone allying with the offensive side and overwhelming the defender. By the fifth turn (TS) everyone (except for MC and TS) was on 4 points. TS had already survived an attack lead by V. TS’s first round against KV saw MC reach 4 points (the only player who he could ally with without giving them the game). His second round was a hazard round, which reversed the direction of turn order, leaving KV never getting a turn.

Vis helmed the attack against DA who crumbled under the overwhelming numbers.
BS, KV, MC and Vis were victorious.
Noteworthy players were:
BS who held 3 space stations at the end of the game
KS who achieved victory despite never getting a turn.

Next up we played

Repos Production
Only KV and MC had played this one before, so there were some interesting plays…

The final scorecard looked a bit like this:

Player BS DA KV MC TS Vis
VPs from Conquests 15 7 14 7 -1 2
VPs from Coins 3 5 5 5 2 6
VPs from Wonder Built 0 10 10 10 10 0
VPs from Blue Buildings 8 17 13 17 20 6
VPs from Yellow Buildings 0 3 7 3 0 10
VPs from Purple Buildings 3 14 7 14 0 7
VPs from Green Buildings 2 0 0 0 9 1
Final Score 31 56 56 56 40 32

Well done KV and MC! KV double-checked the rules regarding ties and pointed out the player with the most coins broke ties. This helped him none, as MC had 17 coins to KV’s 15. Hooray for MC!

Games Night 5th October 2017

Just two this week.
We kicked off with:

by Games Workshop.
DA played the part of the aliens and MC played the fearless Blood Angles (with an Ultramarine on secondment due to exclusion of Rocket Launchers on the mission and someone had glued the Blood Angles’ rocket onto the marine.). DA chose mission 8 where the marines have to fight through hoards of aliens in order to get to the exit shuttle.

With the first of three boards left blank (and DA not realising he can add his reinforcements until much later on) the Blood Angels quickly scuttled his merry way along to the middle board.

Upon alighting upon the middle board, the marine’s scanners when crazy.
Much fighting ensued. Followed by much death. In a single turn both space marines armed with bolters were killed.
The space marine armed with the auto-canon was next to fall.

A genestealer pounced upon the hapless heroes but was destroyed before it could do much damage, only to be replaced by a second one that tore the plasma cannon wielding space marine apart.

Fortunately, the commander was equipped with a very handy personal shield that permanently increased his armour to 3, effectively making him immortal. The androids and dreadnought only appeared as the belated reinforcements.

With his trusty sword, he cut a swath through the swarms of enemy.
The reinforcements were finally added, but it was too late. With a final push, the Blood Angles commander crawled through the legs of the alien hoard and reached safety. Enough points had been accrued to score a victory for the Blood Angels…or what was left of them.

Next up was the customisable card game by Decipher:

DA chose the Klingons whilst MC went for the Federation.

It was a close-run game with no fighting whatsoever. The Federation scored 100 points first.

To round off the evening we finished off with two rounds of:

by White Wizard Games
Round one went relatively quickly and concluded with MC dealing 27 points of damage.

Round two was a longer game that saw DA well-protected by a constant stream of Outposts and getting the War World early. MC was knocked down to 2 Authority before finally being able to pound DA into submission.

Games Night 28th September 2017

Four of us this week.
Kicked off with the DA’s copy of the infeasibly popular cooperative game of

by Zman Games.
DA was the Quarantine Specialist
KV was the Medic
MC was the Operations Expert
TS was the Dispatcher
MC started and quickly set to building Research Stations and flying off to Asia. DA also made his way to Eastern Europe where a large accumulation of the black disease was spreading. KV too found his way to Asia to stem the flow of the Red disease. TS followed suite.
By this time at least four epidemics had happened and a few outbreaks had … erm … broken out. Yellow, red and black were looking very threatening. Blue was doing not much at all.
After a clever bit of personnel management, DA held 5 red cards and was at a Research Station. KV very quickly eliminated the remainder of the Red while MC, DA and TS tried to tackle the Yellow and Black. Blue still wasn’t doing much but sat quietly in London.
With only one outbreak away from failure, we had the board under control. The London had an outbreak.

Game Over.

Next up we played

by Gamelyn Games.
DA played as the Merfolk
KV played as the Elves
MC played as the Dark Elves
TS played as the Humans.

KV utilised the Elves mana strength by going all-in on mana for his starting resources. This quickly paid off for him and he remained a powerful player throughout the game. DA also focused on building up a strong mana stockpile. MC and TS tried to do stuff in the game. There was only two brief scuffles, otherwise this was a largely peaceful game.
KV triggered the endgame by attaining level 5 magic. MC followed him with this achievement.
Final scores:
DA: 15
KV: 17
MC: 15
TS: 9
Well done KV!

With a bit o’ time left we had a go at KV’s newly acquired

by Repos Production.
We very quickly got the hang of this speedy and fun game and the bullets were soon metaphorically flying.

DA stood up to one bullet too many and died a death of being shot a lot.
TS was next to bite the bullet, but did wound MC before he did so.
KV and MC were left to face-off against one another with KV being unsuccesful in shooting MC at all.
MC was the victor with over $300,000.